General questions

All standard meals are approximately 350 grams including sauce

Yes, all meals are Halal

Yes we do – check out our menu. For custom meals, contact us.

All meals are to be refrigerated, no need to freeze. They will remain fresh.

We guarantee your meals will remain fresh for 7 days. (Refrigerate at or below 4C) 

We recycle our delivery cartons. We would love for you to return them whilst they are still intact.

Yes, you can place them in with your household recycling

Yes our chicken breast (the only part of the chicken we use) is organic, free range.

All our vegetables are roasted.

Yes, minimum order of $50


Refer to checkout page to check if we service your area

Delivery to your area not available? Contact us – many more areas are being added every week!

Home Delivery

Saturday & Sunday are our delivery days. You’ll receive an email on the Friday before delivery advising you of your scheduled delivery time. You can always contact us at any time with any queries.

It is preferred to be home to receive your delivery, however we will leave it in a safe place & send you an email notification if there is no answer. It is advisable to refrigerate within 2 hours of delivery to ensure freshness